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CentOS Dojo

The CentOS Dojos are a one day (or, occasionally, 2 day) event that bring together people from the CentOS communities to talk about systems administration, best practices, and emerging technologies.

The emphasis is to find local speakers and tutors to come together and talk about things that they care about most, and to share stories from their experiences working with CentOS in various scenarios.

The desired outcome of a Dojo is to welcome and expand the local CentOS community, and, whenever possible, to capture the content (video, audio, photographs, blog posts) for those that cannot make it to the event in person.

NOTE: For upcoming Dojos, refer to the Events.

Do you want to help plan a Dojo?


Dojo format varies greatly depending on the venue, the audience, and the available time.

Typically, however, the day will start with a keynote featuring either a CentOS core developer, a speaker from a local business, or the hosting organization. This will be followed by technical sessions, case studies, or reports from members of the CentOS SIGs (Special Interest Groups).

An important aspect of Dojos is available space for the "hallway track" - unstructured conversations about any topic around CentOS, its community, or projects running on CentOS.


So far, all Dojos have been free to attend. This requires that someone help pay for things.

If you'd like to support a CentOS Dojo, there's lots of ways that you can do that via sponsorship. Things that we need sponsorship for:

Please get in touch with us at the Donate address if you are able to help with sponsorship.

Dojo Assistance

The Promo SIG is available to help you put on a local dojo. This can involve finding speakers, promotion, and (very limited) budget assistance. However, there are certain requirements:

Additionally, it is strongly recommended that you find someone in your local community with a video camera to capture the sessions, so that people who could not attend can still benefit from it.

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