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Organizing a Dojo

Organizing a Dojo can be as simple, or as involved, as you like. While most Dojos are single-day events, they can span multiple days if you have the community and the content to support this. Remember that Dojos are primarily about building community, so be sure to provide a space and time for post-dojo events, such as dinner, a gathering at a local pub, or some other social event.

For a great example of a typical Dojo schedule, see the Brussels/FOSDEM event from 2018.

If you need any assistance in promoting your event, finding sponsors, contacting potential speakers, finding a venue, or anything else, please ask on the centos-promo@centos.org mailing list. We can also usually provide physical goods such as stickers for your event.

What's involved

Planning Timeline

The more time you have to organize an event, the better it's going to go. Once you've selected a date for the event, there are certain things that need to get done in the time leading up to that date, as well as what comes afterwards. Here's an example of a schedule, but note that depending on the size of the event, this may shrink or grow in length.




Call for Presentations opens. Don't expect anyone to pay attention until 2 days before the deadline


Call for papers closes. Schedule selection begins


Publish and Promote the Schedule


Schedule tweets for each presentation. If possible mention the speaker's twitter handle


Blog posts with interviews with speakers


Final social media post advertising registration, and the schedule


Email registered attendees reminding them of the event, and giving venue directions, contact info, schedule updates, and any last-minute information




Send email thanking attendees for coming. Include links to where you'll be posting followup info, videos, etc. Send post-event survey.


Followup attendee email - where are the videos, slides, blog posts, etc from the event. Will there be an event next year?

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