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CentOS Promotion SIG

The CentOS Promotion SIG exists to provide promotion, and consistent messaging, of CentOS, both at physical events and online.

While it is not a tradition SIG, in the sense that we do not produce software packages, we organize ourselves as a SIG because that structure has been shown to be an effective way of getting things done.

1. Goals

Find ways to make CentOS more visible on the Internet, in communities and at events, by:

2. Status

For a progress overview of various tasks, have a look at our current TODO page. (Woefully outdated, and needs to be updated.)

3. Membership

The CentOS Promo SIG mailinglist is open and can be joined freely. SIG members are appointed by the SIG team leader, and maintain certain resources related to the SIG (e.g. documentation in the Wiki, social media outlets, the newsletter, and the blog).

The CentOS Community Manager, RichBowen, serves as the SIG leader.

If you would like to participate in any aspect of the SIG, including maintaining any of the above resources, or volunteering at events, please join the mailing list and speak up.

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