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Single Point of Contact: DagWieers

Event Information



What do we want to achieve/show at FOSDEM?


Who is willing to help at FOSDEM 2008 ? Add yourself to the list below:

Hardware Insurance

There is no longer any hardware insurance organised by FOSDEM. Are we willing to organise this ourselves ?


Like last year we will have half of the devroom to fill with presentations.




Saturday 23/2

14h - 15h

Fedora Getting one million to know Linux

Olivier Cleynen

15h - 16h


Jens Kuehnel

16h - 17h

Introduction to CentOS


17h - 18h

Fedora Tansiflex

Dimitri Glezos

18h - 19h

Pluggable real-time monitoring with dstat


Sunday 24/2

09h - 10h

CentOS debate


10h - 11h

An overview of SELinux in CentOS 5


11h - 12h

Smolt and Web Application Privacy

Jens Kuehnel

12h - 13h

Lunch break


13h - 14h

Introduction to CentOS


14h - 15h

Fedora LVM

Alasdair Kergon

15h - 16h

Hosting custom applications on CentOS 5


16h - 17h

CentOS 5 and Virtualization


17h - 18h



Add your presentation topic and name to the list below. If you're interested to help, join one of the topics.

Title: An overview of SELinux in CentOS 5

Title: CentOS 5 and Virtualization

Title: Introduction to CentOS

Title: Pluggable real-time monitoring with dstat

The aim of this talk is to present dstat to the FOSDEM audience. At first explain what it was designed for and why it displays information in this way. The usefulness to correlate counters by selecting only those values on a case-by-case basis. I'd like to highlight the different use cases and show the potential of dstat as it is today in comparison with vmstat, top and other tools. How one can create raw data and graphs and what kind of plugins currently exist. Before diving into the internals, I'd like to pinpoint some of the known limitations and performance aspects of using a scripting language.

Title: Hosting custom applications on CentOS 5

Title: CentOS presentation title

Friday Meeting

There will be a CentOS (developers) meeting on Friday during the day and in the evening go to the official social meeting (beer-event) at the 'Grand market' in Brussels just a few hundred meters away.

Who will attend this meeting ?

What will be discussed, worked on, ... ?

Location ?


Official CentOS shirts (same model that we used last year) for the people attending the fosdem can be ordered :

Color will be 'Navy blue' for everybody. Price is 22.5 euros/shirt (based on last year price, so to be confirmed) and has to be paid at the fosdem to FabianArrotin

UPDATE: there is now a proposal about having Polo's instead of buttoned shirts . These polo's can be ordered with short sleeves (18 euros) or long sleeves (22 euros) . We can vote about using the shirts from last year or polo's .. or both . Please complete the following list with all details (for example shirt, polo or polo LS)

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