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Single Point of Contact: FabianArrotin

CentOS and EPEL Meeting

Venue Info : We are going to be having this meeting at the CentOS Table in K.building at Fosdem on Sat 31st at 4:50pm local time.

Looking to have a CentOS & EPEL conversation over an early dinner ( and maybe drinks ) on Sat the 31st Jan 2015, near the Fosdem venue. The aim of this meeting is to discuss and probe options around how we might better integrate with each others efforts, and how SIG's in CentOS might be able to use and rely on EPEL repos. Please get in touch with KaranbirSingh if you are able to make it for this meeting.

People confirmed to be there at the moment :

  1. KaranbirSingh : How can we make the multiple repos work with each other, how can centos.org content always be a higher EVR for the same components that exist in EPEL, How can CentOS SIG people feedback into the EPEL builds without needing to signup for the Fedora process, How can EPEL packages run through some level of sanity testing before they are pushed to release repos - with the tests running in sync with CentOS repos.

  2. JimPerrin

  3. Brian Stinson
  4. Dennis Gilmore ( maybe )
  5. FabianArrotin

  6. LalatenduMohanty

  7. Kaleb Keithley
  8. Matthias Runge
  9. Haïkel Guemar
  10. KarstenWade

  11. Thomas Oulevey
  12. Mike McLean

  13. Till Mass
  14. HonzaHorak

  15. Anders F Björklund : Would like to talk about XFCE Desktop in CentOS / EPEL relationship with XFCE and the Alternate Desktop SIG in CentOS.
  16. RichBowen

  17. Patrick Laimbock
  18. Matthew Miller
  19. Peter Robinson
  20. Adam Huffman

Notes from meeting (INCOMPLETE)

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If you attended this meeting and wish to include any notes, discussion points, or agreements/consensus here, please do so, while understanding that others may help with recollection of details.

Event Information

We are running a Dojo in Brussels the day before Fosdem, you can find more details about that on the Dojo page at http://wiki.centos.org/Events/Dojo/Brussels2015


What do we want to achieve/show at FOSDEM?


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We'll have two tables. What we have now :






What to bring

Here is a list of things to bring for Fosdem 2015 :

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