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Notes on the CentOS Infrastructure

1. Team

There have been various people associated with the infra team, at the moment its :

2. Contacting US

The best and most effective way to get in touch with us is to drop into the irc channel #centos-devel on Libera.chat. You can get more details about the various CentOS irc channels at irc. Please don't email, call or get in touch with people using their personal details

3. The Infrastructure

The entire CentOS infrastructure is made up of donated hardware, either hosted at the donor's own facility or hosted with a further colo donor. These donors are a critical part of CentOS, and we thank them for their continued support of the project. If you would like to donate a server to us, refer to the donor details page at https://wiki.centos.org/Donate/ for configurations and network requirements.

Its important to note that these machines are run from within the .centos.org domain and are not considered as a part of the external mirror network. You can get a list of all external mirrors at https://www.centos.org/download/mirrors/.

The centos.org machines are used for:

Having said this, a large number of the donated machines also run a local CentOS mirror. Donors who have multiple machines hosted within the same data center as the donated machine are advised to use the local machine as their yum mirror. We usually try and maintain at-least one such machine at each hosting-industry related donor facility. As a donor, if this is something you are concerned about, do let us know. Also if there are any specific services you would prefer we did not run from your donated machines, let us know in that case as well, and we will try to accommodate it as much as possible.

4. FAQ's

Here are answers to some questions we get asked often.

5. Mirrors

We are rethinking the way we do mirroring at the moment. All about this process can be found on this page

CentOS mirroring

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