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Help promoting CentOS

Get to know CentOS

In order to promote CentOS it is important to understand what CentOS is, what are the benefits and what are the weak spots. The characteristics of an Enterprise Linux may be attractive to some people, but may disappoint others.

Talk about CentOS

Discuss the strong and weak points of CentOS with others. Don't try to force your opinion onto others, but listen. Be honest about what people can expect, and most of all explain why Enterprise Linux is important even if it may not be attractive to them personally, but instead for relatives, or the boss.

Join the Promo team

Our Promo team regularly visits conferences to give presentations or demonstrate CentOS at a booth. You can do the same in the area where you live. Get in contact with the Promo team to help you organize it and to get some advice.

Become part of the CentOS community

The CentOS community consists of people like you. We (and you) would be lost without the support from our active and committed users. There are many ways to help and become part of this community. We have various Special Interest Groups you can join to lend a hand.

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