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Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups (SIG) are smaller groups within the CentOS community that focus on a small set of issues, in order to either create awareness or to focus on development along a specific topic. Each SIG can seek a dedicated section on the wiki, along with an option to display the names of the people involved in that SIG. A mailing list on the CentOS list server can also be setup as well. As proper, and subject to available resources, other resources they might need (eg. a SCM system, web hosting space, admin services, etc.) may be offered.

SIGs, and the process for creating one, are described in more detail in the SIG Guide. Active SIGs hold regular meetings, where you can find out what's happening and how to get involved.

The following SIGs already exist:

0.1. Active SIGs

0.2. Proposed SIGs

Voice your interest and opinion on the centos-devel@centos.org mailinglist if you wish to get involved in any of these efforts.

1. Retired/Inactive SIGs

2. Setting up a new SIG

Anyone can propose to setup a SIG, but needs to get the agreement and participation of a member of the CentOS Governing Board. To request a new Special interest group to be started, here is what needs to be done:

Initiating a SIG git repo + koji process:

More detailed SIG information may be found in the SIG Guide

3. Requirements

We expect each SIG to meet some basic requirements, these include :

4. SIG membership

Normally, the following rules for SIG membership apply:

5. SIG Reporting

SIGs are expected to report quarterly, with a brief summary of what they've accomplished in the past quarter. A suggested outline for this report is as follows:

The reporting schedule is currently as follows:

Group 1:

Reports January, April, July, October

Group 2:

Reports February, May, August, November

Group 3:

Reports March, June, September, December

Reports are due by end of business on the first Monday in the designated month, and should be sent to the centos-devel mailing list with a subject line of "[REPORT] XYZ SIG", where 'XYZ' is replaced with the name of your SIG. Reports are to be submitted by the SIG chair.

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