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The CentOS Artwork SIG

The CentOS Artwork SIG exists to produce The CentOS Project Visual Identity. The group is made of volunteers, interested in making The CentOS Project the most beautiful and recognized GNU/Linux project in the world. To do so, the group is focused in producing high quality artwork for each visual medium The CentOS Project manifests its existence on reinforcing the visual connection between them all to reach the highest visual recognition.

NOTE: Since artwork is the public face of CentOS, the CentOS development team has the final word in what is accepted as official release/promotion artwork.

1. Goals

Addressing the project's visual identity:

Addressing the project's visual consistency based on visual identity:

2. Communication

Artwork conversations take place in CentOS-devel mailing list and #centos-devel channel at Libera IRC.

3. Membership

SIG members are appointed by the SIG team leader, and maintain certain resources related to the SIG (e.g artistic motif, documentation in the Wiki or packages).

4. Contribute

See also the CentOS ToDo list.

5. Members

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