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CentOS Dojo, DevConf.US, August 2022

CentOS Dojos are free miniconferences highlighting the entire CentOS ecosystem. We held an in-person Dojo on August 17, 2022, just before DevConf.US 2022. This was our first return to in-person events.


We streamed the entire event on YouTube for those who couldn't make it in person.


The DevConf.US Dojo will be held at Boston University, the same venue as DevConf. We will be in the Terrace Lounge on the second floor of the George Sherman Union (GSU-239).

Registration is free but strongly recommended. Registering helps us plan, and it ensures you have a seat if we hit capacity. Register now.


We have a discounted room block at the nearby Residence Inn. The room block is available August 16 to August 21, so you can stay for the Dojo and DevConf.


The following schedule is preliminary while we verify with the speakers.

All times are Eastern Daylight Time (UTC-4).


CentOS Stream: RHEL Development you can participate in

Josh Boyer, Brian Stinson

In this talk we'll cover CentOS Stream's role as a "midstream" preview of content on its way into a minor release of RHEL. We'll show how RHEL maintainers use Stream to land changes from upstream in Fedora (and further) and talk about things YOU can do to participate too.

CentOS Stream - RHEL Development you can Participate In.pdf

Making custom CentOS images with KIWI

Neal Gompa

This session will be a tutorial on how to make different kinds of custom CentOS images using the KIWI image build tool. Types of images covered: live media, self-install media, cloud disk images, bare metal disk images, and container images.

This will be geared toward CentOS Stream 9. The structures and techniques shown are based on the images that the CentOS Hyperscale SIG will be producing for the CentOS Stream Hyperscale Spin.

State of EPEL for CentOS - Live

Troy Dawson, Carl George

Join Troy Dawson and Carl George as they talk about the State of EPEL for CentOS, live and in person. What has happened, what is happening, and what is planned for the future. There should be plenty of time for questions and answers.


Alternate Images SIG

Troy Dawson

What is the Alternate Images SIG. What is it not. How do we expect it to work. Call for members. This will be short presentation with as much Questions and Answers as possible.

RHEL and CentOS Documentation

Shaun McCance

The RHEL documentation team has been working on moving their documentation upstream so that we can reuse it for CentOS. There is a lot of documentation available, but also a lot of work to make it work well for CentOS. We can't do it without your help.

CentOS Kernel & KABI

Prarit Bhargava

A brief discussion on the recent Kernel Application Binary Interface (KABI) policy changes made in the CentOS and RHEL kernels. This discussion requires basic knowledge of KABI and an understanding of kernel modules.

Hyperscale SIG update

Davide Cavalca

Update on what the Hyperscale SIG has been working on, what deliverables are available and how to use them, and what's coming up next.

Adventures with systemd in Hyperscale

Daan De Meyer, Anita Zhang

In this session, we'll go in more detail on how we handle CI for the systemd rpm in the Hyperscale SIG, followed by a discussion on some of the issues we've discovered while rolling out new systemd versions in the Hyperscale SIG. The first part will be presented by Daan De Meyer, while the second part will be presented by Anita Zhang.

Cloudy with a Chance of OpenShift: CentosStream, CoreOS and OKD Road Map

Zack Zoltnik, Neal Gompa, Amy Marrich

In this session, we’ll give a Open Source road map for OpenShift and CentOS Stream as we get ready to release an MVP of OKD running on a base OS of CentOS Stream Core OS (SCOS). SCOS is a direct upstream for Red Hat Enterprise Linux CoreOS and an intermediate step between Fedora CoreOS and RHEL CoreOS. OKD currently defaults to running on Fedora CoreOS as a base OS. With the availability of SCOS, OKD will now have a second base image that is closer to RHEL CoreOS. We'll cover the basics of what's included in the MVP release, how to get involved and help with the testing, deployment and development of these projects!

2023-09-11 07:22