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CentOS Pulse #1006 - X October 2010


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Update. Translations are now online in Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. Many thanks are due to our translators for their help.

1. Foreword

Welcome to another issue of CentOS Pulse. After the recent release of CentOS 5.5, we can now revert back to the task of hunting down and logging the (inevitable) bugs in RHEL 6 beta -- thereby helping to improve the product which will ultimately provide the CentOS 6.0 sources.

Have fun reading,

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Geerd-Dietger Hoffmann

2. Interview

Geerd-Dietger Hoffmann


3.1. Fedora 13

Geerd-Dietger Hoffmann

4. In the media


5. Tip Of The Newsletter

If you have a good tip or know of a really useful program that you would like to share, please send us an [http://lists.centos.org

Everyone who has used Unix/Linux for any period of time is familiar with diff and patch. Many people don't use it to its full potential, though, because they view it as a programming tool used to update source code.

Diff and patch work with text files and it doesn't have to be source code; you can use those tools to check for changes in and create updates to any text file, including html files. Inventory lists, schedules, lists of accounts receivable and updates to websites are some examples of places where use of diff and patch may make your life easier.

Of course, it's also very convenient to be able to easily compare text files and the nicest graphical diff viewer that I have found is meld.sourceforge.net. You can install it on Centos from the epel repository using "yum install meld" and once you have tried it you will wonder how you lived without it. Meld can handle three-way file comparisons and even allows you to copy changes, edit and update files directly.

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* billias80: @CentOS wish you to keep your first place for long

Timothy Lee

6. CentOS Errata

This section highlights the most severe security updates for each supported CentOS release, whilst providing a summary and short links to the reference of the security issue.

6.1. CentOS-3

6.2. CentOS-4

6.3. CentOS-5

  • RHSA-2010:0545-1 thunderbird security update for CVE-2010-0174, CVE-2010-0175, CVE-2010-0176, CVE-2010-0177, CVE-2010-1197, CVE-2010-1198, CVE-2010-1199, CVE-2010-1200, CVE-2010-1205, CVE-2010-1211, CVE-2010-1214, CVE-2010-2753 and CVE-2010-2754

  • RHSA-2010:0556-1 firefox and xulrunner security update for CVE-2010-2755

  • RHSA-2010:0681-1 firefox, nspr, nss and xulrunner security update for CVE-2010-2760, CVE-2010-2762, CVE-2010-2764, CVE-2010-2765, CVE-2010-2766, CVE-2010-2767, CVE-2010-2768, CVE-2010-2769, CVE-2010-3166, CVE-2010-3167, CVE-2010-3168 and CVE-2010-3169

  • RHSA-2010:0698-1 samba3x security update for CVE-2010-3069

  • RHSA-2010:0782-1 firefox and nss security update for CVE-2010-3170, CVE-2010-3173, CVE-2010-3175, CVE-2010-3176, CVE-2010-3177, CVE-2010-3178, CVE-2010-3179, CVE-2010-3180, CVE-2010-3182 and CVE-2010-3183

  • RHSA-2010:0809-1 xulrunner security update for CVE-2010-3765

7. Jokes and Funny Stuff

8. Media


9. Upcoming Events

The CentOS Promo Special Interest Group organizes the CentOS presence (booths, presentations, etc) at various conferences and trade shows. Here we highlight upcoming events. If you are interested in helping out, please join the Promo SIG.

10. Contributing to CentOS Pulse

We are always on the look-out for people who are interested in helping to:

  • report on CentOS community activity
  • maintain a (sub-)section of the newsletter
  • write an article on an interesting person or topic
  • provide the hint, tip or trick of the month

Please see the page with further information about contributing.

Finally if you would like to appear in the newsletter, you will have to have contributed positively to the CentOS community and then, hopefully, be noticed by one of our reporters. ;-)

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