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CentOS 5.11 Release Notes

Last updated: December 10, 2014

1. Translations

These release notes are available in the following languages:

2. Introduction

Welcome to the CentOS 5.11 release. CentOS is an Enterprise-class Linux Distribution derived from sources freely provided to the public by Red Hat 1.

CentOS conforms fully with the upstream vendor's redistribution policy and aims to be 100% functionally compatible with RHEL (CentOS mainly changes packages to remove upstream vendor branding and artwork). CentOS Linux is no-cost and free to redistribute.

CentOS 5.11 is the eleventh update to the CentOS 5 distribution series. It contains a lot of bugfixes, updates and new functionality. Before reading any further we advise you to read the Red Hat Release Notes and Technical Notes2. The rest of this document is an addendum and primarily covers CentOS-specific issues.

3. Install Media and sha1sums

sha1sum i386:

1b590daa61ba5aeadf1d2b083bf9acf3abdc249c  CentOS-5.11-i386-bin-1of8.iso
23fd9e729127c75353ab35ebc49cb44544bfa45f  CentOS-5.11-i386-bin-2of8.iso
3dab434921d945d37cee185df6aad379afafbc82  CentOS-5.11-i386-bin-3of8.iso
f9a5f89582e16918ea790ca7ab36f335cb43653b  CentOS-5.11-i386-bin-4of8.iso
a11cabe288807a45a806b5023b4ccdbde526079a  CentOS-5.11-i386-bin-5of8.iso
dd44ec9454f965f9e7e1be416eddea20dbcb7bc9  CentOS-5.11-i386-bin-6of8.iso
ed1a651b783875535585541312e848094fa0d544  CentOS-5.11-i386-bin-7of8.iso
24d0bfba433f1b3965fe8fb8f0a5d790aae1907d  CentOS-5.11-i386-bin-8of8.iso
ec3a89b4edc8e391d13c1ecce4e6ce3917719e39  CentOS-5.11-i386-bin-DVD-1of2.iso
5143065f9a2ee99066dd80a31f9ff035516fc0f6  CentOS-5.11-i386-bin-DVD-2of2.iso
e6a89ee7377c28f682fd85e02cd499eb284b3aa6  CentOS-5.11-i386-netinstall.iso

sha1sum x86_64:

a7f8bbf4841d867562f9205b39f960f0cf97bfb1  CentOS-5.11-x86_64-bin-1of9.iso
61bed1d0739622000ded9e790668982b7b523b23  CentOS-5.11-x86_64-bin-2of9.iso
90c182486aa6890c657d19a7bc287d041490cf4b  CentOS-5.11-x86_64-bin-3of9.iso
36b12acc63aecd27a6a03174f00339354419fa5d  CentOS-5.11-x86_64-bin-4of9.iso
79239056fdf0ca7dc9f482b298eeb7930c05d083  CentOS-5.11-x86_64-bin-5of9.iso
dd629f29652fcdba80d2c2a67d29a533e578937f  CentOS-5.11-x86_64-bin-6of9.iso
2549fff17680ce4b0b0c6f562757afa685cef1a5  CentOS-5.11-x86_64-bin-7of9.iso
ae3c41e2a08fa03f76d48c2115a5062f1571eca8  CentOS-5.11-x86_64-bin-8of9.iso
fd91a47ee69a1e03cf622a3697039b42d9472e42  CentOS-5.11-x86_64-bin-9of9.iso
ebd77f2fdfac8da04f31c508905cf52aa62937cc  CentOS-5.11-x86_64-bin-DVD-1of2.iso
71ff7ee8460798e6b361b44a68a222bd9c9b3a2c  CentOS-5.11-x86_64-bin-DVD-2of2.iso
91db10bb9808818f6fbf20196fbab4c0c9da19d3  CentOS-5.11-x86_64-netinstall.iso

4. Known Issues

<!> Please note Red Hat's policy on Production Phase 3 for EL5 in their support policy. Only those security updates deemed crucial are now being released upstream for EL5 (so also for CentOS-5) Please read this Mailing List post for more details. The CentOS team recommends that you start moving workloads from CentOS-5 to CentOS-6 or CentOS-7.

5. Changes

5.1. New features

5.2. New packages in 5.11 that were not present in 5.10

None in this release.

5.3. Packages that have been upgraded in 5.11 since the 5.10 release

5.4. Packages removed by upstream in 5.11 that were present in 5.10

None in this release.

5.5. Packages released as 5.10 updates with older packages on the 5.11 install media

These packages are now in the updates repository for CentOS 5.11.

6. Changes made by CentOS

6.1. Packages modified by CentOS

Note: Details of changes can be found in the package changelog. It's also important to keep in mind that most of these packages are only changed to remove upstream branding, as required by their terms of use.

6.2. Packages removed from CentOS that are included upstream

Note: These packages deal with subscriptions to RHN and are not applicable to CentOS

6.3. Packages added by CentOS that are not included upstream

7. How to help and get help

As a CentOS user there are various ways you can help out with the CentOS community. Take a look at our Contribute page for further information on how to get involved.

7.1. Special Interest Groups

CentOS consists of different Special Interest Groups (SIGs) that bring together people with similar interests. The following SIGs already exist:

And we encourage people to join any of these SIGs or start up a new SIG, e.g.

7.2. Mailing lists and Fora

Another way you can help others in the community is by actively helping and resolving problems that users come up against in the mailinglists and the fora.

7.3. Wiki and Website

Even as an inexperienced CentOS user we can use your help. Because we like to know what problems you encountered, if you had problems finding specific information, how you would improve documentation so it becomes more accessible. This kind of feedback is as valuable to others as it would have been to you so your involvement is required to make CentOS better.

So if you want to help out and improve our documentation and wiki, register on the wiki or subscribe to the centos-docs mailinglist.

8. Further Reading

The following websites contain large amounts of information to help people with their CentOS systems :

9. Thanks

We thank everyone involved for helping us produce this product and would like to specifically acknowledge the extra effort made by some very dedicated members of the QA Team. Fabian Arrotin, Akemi Yagi, Athmane Madjoudj, Manuel Wolfshant, Jeff Sheltren, Anssi Johansson and Christoph Galuschka were instrumental in enabling us to release 5.11 this quickly. .

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