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CentOS Team

The CentOS Project consists of volunteers with all levels of involvement, distributed around the world. The following is an incomplete list of people that, in one way or the other, have contributed significantly to the CentOS Project.

1. Core Members

1.1. Fabian Arrotin

FabianArrotin aka Arrfab

Fabian Arrotin

Location: Charleroi, Belgium

Involvement: Events (Promotions), Fora, Infrastructure, QA, Wiki

1.2. Johnny Hughes

JohnnyHughes aka hughesjr

Johnny Hughes

Location: Corpus Christi, Texas, USA

Involvement: Product Updates

1.3. Karanbir Singh

KaranbirSingh aka z00dax

Karanbir Singh

Location: South East England, UK

Involvement: CentOS Project Lead, Infrastructure, Anything Else Interesting

1.4. Ralph Angenendt

RalphAngenendt aka range

Ralph Angenendt

Location: Germany

Involvement: Infrastructure, Mailing List Lead, Wiki Lead

1.5. Tru Huynh

TruHuynh aka tru_tru

Tru Huynh

Location: Paris, France

Involvement: Infrastructure

2. Advocate Members

2.1. Akemi Yagi

AkemiYagi aka toracat

Akemi Yagi

Location: California, USA

Involvement: Bug Tracker, CentOSPlus Kernel, Fora, QA, Wiki

2.2. Alain Reguera Delgado

AlainRegueraDelgado aka areguera

Alain Reguera Delgado

Location: Montevideo, Uruguay (previously: Cienfuegos, Cuba)

Involvement: Artwork SIG Lead, Wiki

2.3. Alan Bartlett

AlanBartlett aka burakkucat

Alan Bartlett

Location: Suffolk, England, UK

Involvement: Fora, Wiki

2.4. Andreas Rogge

AndreasRogge aka Dyson

Andreas Rogge


Involvement: Events (Promotions)

2.5. Christoph Galuschka

ChristophGaluschka aka tigalch

Christoph Galuschka

Location: Innsbruck, Austria

Involvement: Bug Tracker, QA, t_functional, Wiki

2.6. Jim Perrin

JimPerrin aka Evolution

Jim Perrin

Location: Oregon, USA

Involvement: CentOS Board member

2.7. John R. Dennison

JohnDennison aka Bahhumbug


Location: Manchester, TN, USA

Involvement: IRC, Pastebin, QA

2.8. Pablo Greco

PabloGreco aka pgreco


Location: Quilmes, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Involvement: Altarch, QA

2.9. Phil Perry

PhilPerry aka NedSlider


Location: South West Wales, UK

Involvement: Fora, QA, Wiki

2.10. Sarah Fischer




Involvement: Events (Promotions)

2.11. Scott Robbins

ScottRobbins aka scottro


Location: New York City, USA

Involvement: Fora

2.12. Stephen Smoogen

StephenSmoogen aka smooge

Stephen Smoogen

Location: Ry'leh, USA

Involvement: QA, EPEL, Infrastructure (when they let me)

2.13. Trevor Hemsley

TrevorHemsley aka TrevorH


Location: Brighton, UK

Involvement: QA, Fora

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