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CentOS 5.3 Release Notes

1. Translations

Translations of these release notes are available for the following languages:

2. Introduction

Welcome to the CentOS 5.3 release. CentOS is an Enterprise-class Linux Distribution derived from sources freely provided to the public by our Upstream OS Provider (UOP)1.

CentOS conforms fully with the upstream vendors redistribution policy and aims to be 100% binary compatible. (CentOS mainly changes packages to remove upstream vendor branding and artwork.) CentOS is a Free Operating System. The CentOS Project is now accepting donations using PayPal, please see our website at http://www.centos.org for more details. All donations to this project are used to cover bandwidth and development costs.

CentOS 5.3 is the third update to the CentOS 5 distribution series. It contains a lot of bugfixes, updates and new functionality. Before reading any further we advise you to read the UOP release notes at http://www.centos.org/docs/5/. The rest of this document is an addendum, and primarily covers CentOS-specific issues.

3. Install Media and sha1sum

i386 media and their sha1sums are:
4b454d76d06daa0b1772115e9b95c9465a4cecb0  CentOS-5.3-i386-bin-1of6.iso
0da3292ea1d90639714a5e7d77812568bc01ec05  CentOS-5.3-i386-bin-2of6.iso
77e867eb736b58f31cdd25c4835643ab795979e2  CentOS-5.3-i386-bin-3of6.iso
949ee93440e736c8414fb8b571178970a31e6675  CentOS-5.3-i386-bin-4of6.iso
5eafdea33c18f623bb9299ae624b8c8a12132bfa  CentOS-5.3-i386-bin-5of6.iso
90ae5387a38f8ec805d877cc5525ae8dedc7f810  CentOS-5.3-i386-bin-6of6.iso
b7f85a3a493e3051e50515ef881214929c88a5f3  CentOS-5.3-i386-bin-DVD.iso
a0c640ae0c68cc0d9558cf4f8855f24671b3dadb  CentOS-5.3-i386-netinstall.iso
x86_64 media and their sha1sums are:
7327174dc0cbb6531bc0e2f26e24788251717e91  CentOS-5.3-x86_64-bin-1of7.iso
d060ed2826a4c212eebf5e3a825ce75e77cb44e0  CentOS-5.3-x86_64-bin-2of7.iso
a0b7471ec6b742c962cc06b69624b0746025005f  CentOS-5.3-x86_64-bin-3of7.iso
fe4106322d6b08344e82df8904142664a8a82522  CentOS-5.3-x86_64-bin-4of7.iso
8cb5539fa4241bc5d23798a3e2721b2ebd3b18fe  CentOS-5.3-x86_64-bin-5of7.iso
8a8f32888279f701e15162dec6f52b5f5fb5effc  CentOS-5.3-x86_64-bin-6of7.iso
f053b05ea8576ea7d72116fa246f914086238ca9  CentOS-5.3-x86_64-bin-7of7.iso
f8ca12b4acc714f4e4a21f3f35af083952ab46e0  CentOS-5.3-x86_64-bin-DVD.iso
e971bd1677622708348b8a65264ec360a1cc0196  CentOS-5.3-x86_64-netinstall.iso

4. Known Issues

5. Resolved Issues

6. Changes

6.1. New packages in 5.3 that were not present in 5.2

6.2. Packages that have been upgraded in 5.3 since the 5.2 release

6.3. Packages removed by upstream in 5.3 that were present in 5.2

6.4. Packages released as 5.2 updates with older packages on the 5.3 install media

These packages are now in the updates repository for CentOS 5.3.

7. Changes done by CentOS

7.1. Packages modified by CentOS

Note: Details of changes can be found in the package changelog. It's also important to keep in mind that most of these packages are only changed to remove upstream branding, as required by their terms of use.

7.2. Packages removed from CentOS that are included upstream

7.3. Packages added by CentOS that are not included upstream

8. How to help and get help

As a CentOS user there are various ways you can help out with the CentOS community. Take a look at our Contribute page for further information on how to get involved.

8.1. Special Interest Groups

CentOS consists of different Special Interest Groups (SIGs) that bring together people with similar interests. The following SIGs already exist:

And we encourage people to join any of these SIGs or start up a new SIG, eg.

8.2. Mailinglists and Forums

Another way you can help out others in the community is by actively helping and resolving problems that users come up against in the mailinglists and forums.

8.3. Wiki and website

Even as an inexperienced CentOS user we can use your help. Because we like to know what problems you encountered, if you had problems finding specific information, how you would improve documentation so it becomes more accessible. This kind of feedback is as valuable to others as it would have been to you so your involvement is required to make CentOS better.

So if you want to help out and improve our documentation and wiki, register on the wiki or subscribe to the centos-docs mailinglist.

9. Further Reading

The following websites contain large amounts of information to help people with their CentOS systems :

10. Thanks

We thank everyone involved for helping us produce this product.

Copyright (C) 2009 CentOS

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